CLA 2008

Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!


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Just a quick summary with a few photos of SD members meet at the CLA.

I would just like to thank Gwen and Malcolm (Mr & Mrs Sikamalc) for their hospitality and generosity over the weekend.

It was also good to meet some of the other members and to put faces to names.

Morena as alredy said on another post it was really good to meet some of the members and there was a really good feeling and buzz about the group.

Sorry Muddy seemed to miss you off the photos.

From left to right - Morena, Tartanjock and Sikamalc putting the world to rights.

Steyr243 (alias Uncle Fester!) with Tika308 and Ghost.

Further debate!




Group photo showing the T Shirts which caused considerable interest in and around the show.


Techman on the right picking Morena's vast amount of knowledge on ageing deer by cast antlers.


Tartanjock and Sikamalc relaxing.


Guess who these knees belong to!


More clues to who's knees are these. Its evident he does not do much stalking on his knees.


Right said Fred relaxing after a busy day signing autographs!


The bar-be-que of venison steak and sausage JAYB was fantastic and it was a great evening with Robin, Cherry, Gwen, Malcolm, Andy and Nick and quite a large amount of drink was absorbed to the heat. Once again thank you and hope to meet you all again soon.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Smithy and family


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Absolutley fantastic time was had meeting all the other Site Members, good general chit chat and banter.

Glad I made it in the end, as has already been said, nice to put a face to a "Forum Name" and then their proper names.

Cheers Again "smithp18" for one of your many T shirts that you bought (Mine Still Not Here).

A good day, red hot, enjoyed the pint with you all in the bar.

Cheers to ALL who I met.

The T shirts look great

As a new member to the site, we missed the opportunity to order the T shirts.
Is there any chance of doing any more T shirts? We would be up for a couple.
Great photos - shame the photos missed off Muddy but his mug shot is on the site enough already!


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Well, I'm glad you all had a great time. I just want you to know I am not jealous at all at not being able to get there. I spent my time productively slashing the tyres on, my one time mates, camper van, the one that we could not use for the show as he was going away :evil:

Well done people.



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blooming fantastic smithy
i wish i could of made it but things never turn out the way you want it
none the less i was there today, yes uncle fester you did manage to stalk up with out being noticed (that must of been the first :lol: ) great legs by the way did you get the hair when it slipped of andy's head :lol:
any way this was me

and if i walked past you by accident

i did catch robin , tapping the BDS training officer up , you weren't applying for level 2 now robin were you :lol:
i noticed a lot of interest in my clothing today , think it was the hat :lol:
a few people actualy asked about it and now may even look at the site, others thanked us for our support, what a wicked feeling , yes i know mine was black , but hell i am special after all :lol: :lol: :lol:
good to know you all had a good time and the Tshirts got the site and march+shoot the reconigtion it deserve's


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brilliant weekend thanks for the photos knackered now take care everyone,catch up with you all in a couple of weeks.also keep your eyes on the horse and country show next week i dont know what day but you should see 3 male models on there with the t shirts on. :eek: :lol:


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What a gathering :rolleyes: thanks Phill I was going to mention those knees, I kept looking up to see if there was a full moon :eek: you know just in case I needed a silver bullet :lol: :lol:

Thank you one and all for your time and freindship and I look forward to seeing you again soon.



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hi all,
Just to say how glad we were that we made the journey to meet some of the other members.
Malcolm, you do a mean roebuck steak and thank you and Gwen for your hospitality. bye the time Andy and Nick had arrived things had started to become hazey :confused: She who must be obeyed said that the malt whisky was disappearing very quickly and that i should slow down so the others can catch up, I replied sod that if we wait too long it will all have evaporated, ;) .
As for the Sunday I remember it was very hot and that we met Stone and his partner, his t-shirt looked very smart, all we have got to do now is get him to fit into it as well as mine fits me :rolleyes: :rolleyes: sorry mate couldn't resist it :evil:

We went to the show to look at the different moderators, and decide which to buy, what did I buy? a bloody salmon rod, dont ask me I dont know why either :oops:
It may be because we are in Scotland for the end of August and I must have thought I would give myself a challenge, throw a spinner round its antlers and play it to a standstill. :oops:

great show and great company



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Hi Everyone, Have not been able to get on the site due to our internet connection being down.
It was great meeting you all at the CLA and daughter and future son in law enjoyed your company also.
Incidentally Lins says the Wedding Evening invitation on the 23rd is still on.
Send me a PM for directions. You will probably have to introduce yourselves on arrival as I could well be under the influence by then.


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Hi all
First chance ive had to log on since the CLA. Well what a great show :D Was really great meeting up with all the others off the site & put faces to names that i see so often on here. T shirts are fantastic & myself, Andy & karl got interveiwed for some show (cant remember what it was) with the T shirts on full display :D
Well gents what can i say, those knees look very familiar :eek: :eek: & as said in the caption smithp18 has put we were rushed off our feet signing autographs all weekend :D :D
great pics mate :D & great meeting up with you & your good lady :D
How have you managed to keep it a secret about our camping pitch :D :eek: Great meeting up again mate :D
thanks to everyone we met up with for making it such a good weekend :D


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Hi all, looks like a great time was had, I wish I could have been with you all. Sadly that would have meant comming home off holiday a week earlier, and that was never likely to happen! So glad to see the shirts worked out well, I hope everyone has theirs by now, except ME!
I'm told theres a parcel waiting for me, so I hope thats it!
I can start a new order list if enough people want them. I suggest we run the next lot with just the S.D. logo, and donate any profitds to H4H. Let me know what you think.



Kind regards,


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The Beaver is nice but who is that ugly sod patting it on the head :lol: :lol: And that was the only Beaver you had your hand on all weekend as well :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats it I will await in coming, TAKE COVER.


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Me the missus and the mate mikegsxr and his good lady are planning to come down next year I hope to meet some of you there. It looks as if a good time was had by all..



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Bloody fat things with flat tails, and the beavers are the same too :eek: :lol:

that`s it, i`m dead :eek: :lol:

sorry Andy, i couldn`t resist. ;)

I`m too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt too sexy it hurts. ;)



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Im a model you know what i mean when i shake my little tush on the cat walk :eek: :eek: :D :D
wait till he sees this 1 :D


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Steyr243, Tika308
I have to say a like it, but not as much as Tika and I bet you took turns stroking that beaver :rolleyes: :rolleyes: , and how’s Ghost!! Has he recovered? :oops:
I didn’t get chance to ask before we left Tika did your bed stay inflated or was it another night on a hard rock!!. :eek: :eek:
Enjoyed your company and it was good to meet you all and now looking forward to when we will get together again. :lol:
Oh tush, cat walk and Knees, now looking at the photos this could get out of hand. ;) ;)

Take care guys and speak soon



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well i had a quick look on here yesterday and all seemed good :eek: so off i went to church this morning to praise the lord(i had to go toa christening)and while my back is turned you all start on me :lol: ,your right wadas them beavers are fat,at least it makes me look slim standing next to me :lol: , :lol: smithp18 that airbed malc lent me was fine thanks mate.i have never seen a field like it for stones :eek: i spoke to a lad from our village who was there and he ended up with a hloe in the bottom of there new family tent.
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