CLA Game Fair alternative... Midland Game Fair?

The Midland has traditionally been the biggest of the Countryman Fairs, given that has happened with the CLA it could be even bigger (with people trying desperately to shift stock that should have gone at the CLA) this year.
MGF is huge. We have been twice. You struggle to get round in the day if you want to look at stuff. Could be even bigger at this rate.
Been to the Midland for a few years running now, it's a big event - we usually camp up so we don't have to get around it all in 1 day. Having not been to CLA cant give a comparison, but i think its great non-the-less!

Same as Bunny plus lost money on the accomodation (and at the Suffolk show) so I'm looking to get at least one show in this year.

Where have people camped in the past at the Midland?

The web site is not very helpful on camping.


The MGF has and remains the best Game Fair. I can remember going in the early days, most of it was held on the stubble and our rough shooting club ran the gun dog scurry. It was a traditional country fair then, but now it is sadly evolved into another money generating cash cow.

It is the only show I attended without fail(mainly to spend cash with N Clarke).

Access normally v good and sorted however last year was much smaller than usual and there have been some re arrangements due the the ground being in a poor state following an earlier music event.

Gunmakers row is normally very good, fishing row is pretty poor, very big shooting layout.

As the CLA has been cancelled if it goes ahead then there will be some bargins.

I only pray that it does go the same way as the CLA by increasing entry prices to exhorbitant levels.

Prehaps we will have to have a forum meet up at the MGF.

Ive lost my accomodation fee , i was asked to pay in full so i did:doh:.

Booked today for the Midland , with camping on site .Overall £35.00 cheaper than the CLA , i doubt it will be the same next year .Watch this space for a dramatic price hype !!!!
Tickets booked and so's the hotel (free cancellation this time!)

Hopefully those who were going to have stands at the CLA will be at the MGF!
The Midland Game Fair and the CLA are a total differant animal MGF has about 400-500 stands and the CLA about 1500 the midland used to be very good but the last couple of years not so, but maybe this year will be different.

I agree with sikadog.Both the MGF and CLA are totally different,however i would say that the majority if not all stalls at the cla,especially gunmakers row are also at the mgf.The midland has a different feel,slightly fresher in the morning while the cla has a nicer atmosphere.We usually camp at both venues and the facilities at both are generally very good.In generall it usually the same old faces,selling the same products,i enjoy the demos,casting,gundogs etc.