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as anyone got any idea of a good meeting time/point for next weekend at the cla?we could meet up fri/sat/sun,or just sat/sun when most seem to be there.perhaps we could sort the t shirts out at these times if they are sorted by then but if not it will be great to meet up.


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I will be camping om the cla camping area from thursday night onwards and I beleive that there is a beer tent on the site.



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Gentlemen I shall be there from midday Friday through to Monday morning. As of Monday the Tshirts were still at the printers, according to Steve. It is my intention along with the help of AndyL to hopefully distribute some at the CLA.

If this is not possible AndyL has kindly offered to post them out to all those that have ordered one. We will wait and see if the printers get the job done in time :confused:
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