cla gamefair.cancelled

The Lucky Hunter


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I found out today that its off. What a bugger, I had everything ready to go and also planned on meeting up with a few mates. Still we are lucky compared with many in the Shires, who are flooded out,and there is always next year.


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you are right there sikamalc,i have two mates coming over from ireland for the gamefair,never mind,the same as you say we are very lucky at the moment to some people.i hope everyone can get back to normal as soon as possible,i should have gone on my first ever stalk on saturday but that was cancelled due to the fields being flooded!


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Yeah, I found myself driving around Long Marsden and Stratford Saturday, very wet but very entertaining. Quite a few people flooded out and caravans upside down in fields. It looked like a war zone!
The Lucky Hunter