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Wanted: Clapped out donor rifle and / or Mauser 98 action and / or wooden stock for 404 J project


Well-Known Member
Hi, I have a 98 action wood straight comb stock. It's a little ropey but I don't want anything for it. You may be able to do something with it? I can send some pics at the weekend if you like?


Well-Known Member
My parts bin 9.3x62.
A Husqvarna FN action, Tikka stainless barrel, PH m81 bottom metal, Gentry safety. Home painted laminate stock I bedded. Gary at artisan forge barreled it - it is super accurate!
It's not a London best, but it works, very well!

Just spoke to him - he is happy to do the entire job

He and Caleb did a first class job on my 9.3

He has a columbian 98 action - anyone know if the columbian is any good

I believe not all 98 actions are of good quality


Well-Known Member
They will do a first rate job!!!
Was the 9.3 built for you or was another members. I saw one he built on a FN action which was very nice!
He's building an 8x57 for me which should be finished soon. It's on a DWM action from 1926. Should be lots of fun!
Some Columbian Mausers where made by FN I think? It depends on the action, Gary will know.