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    • Please fill in a county or city Location in your profile so buyers know where the item is located.
    • You need 30 posts and registered for 30 days before you can create ads in classifieds.
    • Non Trade Members specify a price. No auction style adverts, adverts 'for a friend' or unhelpful heckling/hijacking posts please.
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Classified Rules - Please Read!

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1) Do I need Trade Membership over normal membership?

You need Trade Membership to:

  • Advertise your business/trade products, items or services on this site
  • Respond to discussion threads on this site to offer or otherwise promote your business/trade products, items or services
  • PM people on this site to offer or otherwise promote your business/trade products, items or services

You do NOT need Trade Membership to:
  • Offer/advertise personal items for sale
  • Offer/advertise to swap items
  • Advertise non-profit/non-commercial syndicate places

To subscribe to Trade Member click here.

2) What are Trade Members entitled to post over normal membership?

You are entitled to post adverts for your products and services in the relevant section within the Classifieds and Stalking, Training & Other Sporting Opportunities sections only. Advertisements cannot be placed outside of these sections and this includes any post that is clearly promoting your goods and services, be it links to your web site, social media sites, videos or any other marketing media.

You are also entitled to respond to members specifically seeking goods or services that you might offer, however if this is done outside the above sections then it should be done by way of a Private Message. If you do respond to the member in the forum it should be to establish contact only. In the interests of fairness such public responses will be monitored for excessive use.

Contacting members by unsolicited PM or responding offering goods and services on the forums to members who have not expressed an interest will be considered spam and will be removed without notice.

3) Posting in the Correct Section
  • All Classified ads (i.e. items for sale or wanted) must be placed in the correct category under the Classifieds section (and subsections: Reloading, Firearms etc).
  • All Opportunities must be placed in the correct category under the Opportunities section.
  • Adverts and items for sale posted outside the Classifieds section will simply be removed.

4) Membership Requirements

You need to have been registered for 30 days and have made 30 relevant 'meaningful' posts in order to create an advert in the Classifieds or Opportunities section. This is because Classifieds is a free service provided for our members. We want it to benefit active members who take part in the main part of the forum and not by people who just want to use the site as a free eBay. We also want to filter out scammers and most of them can't be bothered to fulfill the requirements to post.

Please note:
  • It can take up to 1 hour after the above requirements have been met before the system automatically updates your account to allow you to post in Classifieds.
  • Post Count Boosting - Posting a couple of words like "nice" or "welcome" or “bump” 30 times in order to get your post count up to 30 will be seen as evasion. These posts will be removed, your access to Classifieds will be lost and your account may be suspended.
  • Trade Members do not have to satisfy the above requirements because their subscription has by definition demonstrated a commitment to the site.
  • If you post in Classifieds please realise that when the threads are removed (either automatically or by members) your post count will go down accordingly.
  • Please fill in an approximate Location in your profile so buyers know where the item is located.

The number of threads (Adverts) in Classifieds has been capped like so:
  • Trade Member: unlimited threads/posts
  • Supporter: 10 threads per 30 days, unlimited posts
  • Full member: 5 threads per 30 days, unlimited posts
For users who aren't Trade Members, obviously this will cause people to list multiple items per thread. It is acceptable to do this for small things like ammunition, powder, knives etc. but it's not acceptable to list multiple firearms or items which should be threads (Adverts) started in separate sections (e.g. Optics and Reloading). Adverts which abuse this will be removed.

Read this thread for more information:

5) Unhelpful/Heckling/Hijacking Posts

Do not reply to people's adverts unless you intend to post a question about the item, or make a helpful comment to add information about the item or otherwise assist the sale. Do not offer your own products or services in someone else's advert.

examples of unhelpful comments include: "Your price is too high", "I can get it cheaper from XXX", "You should never have bought the dog" etc.

If you have a genuine grievance about an advert or concerns about the item or seller then use the report post function. It is the button under the post which says “Report”.

Unhelpful posts will be removed and if they continue the account in question will be suspended.

6) Advertising 'For a friend'

The Classifieds section is provided for the benefit of members only. Because of this, and to avoid any potential problems with responsibility for deals, adverts 'for a friend' or on behalf of a third party will be removed.

7) State a Price

Trade members will not be required to state a price for their goods. This does not mean they can host an "eBay" type sale, merely that the price may be omitted. Non trade members will be required to place a price on their goods in all instances. If you want to attain the best price possible via an auction then please do so on eBay. Linking to your own auction on eBay is not allowed unless you are a Trade Member.

  • In the case of custom products or services where the price would be entirely dependent upon the buyer's requirements then a fixed price is not necessary however an example price should be given where possible.
  • It is accepted that adverts placed in Sporting Opportunities are largely variable and customised services and hence a price need not be stated in this section. However, please be aware that adverts with transparent and simple pricing are generally more successful than those without.

8) Buying / Selling Moderators Off Ticket

The law regards moderators as firearms, and as such will require the same sale transfer procedures as a rifle etc. If it is bought to our attention that anyone is attempting to buy or sell an off-ticket moderator via PM, that person will be banned.

9) Restricted Items

The sale of certain items have restrictions placed upon them by law. It is the seller's responsibility to make sure the items they are selling, the method by which they are selling them and the persons they are selling them to do not fall foul of the law.

Bear in mind that should anything go wrong you may be called upon to prove that you have performed these checks. Consider this before placing any advert on this site. For example, how will you verify the buyer's age? What records will you keep so that, if called upon, you can prove you performed these checks?

Adverts which appear to be sidestepping restrictions or not performing these checks will be removed without notice and, if appropriate, the account in question suspended.

In the UK, such items include but are not limited to:
  1. Firearms/Shotguns - Firearms and shotguns may only be sold to persons holding an RFD, firearm or shotgun certificate entitling them to acquire or possess that type of firearm or shotgun. This must be done face to face or by RFD transfer and, where applicable, the buyer's certificate must be endorsed and both the buyer's and vendor's police forces must be notified.
  2. Knives - it is the seller's responsibility to verify the person to whom he is selling a knife (or other certain bladed implements) is at least 18 years of age (Criminal Justice Act 1988). Knives may not be advertised in such a way as to indicate or suggest that they are suitable for combat (Knives Act 1997).
  3. Air Rifles & Blank Firers - air rifles and imitation/blank firing guns may not be sold to anyone under the age of 18 and must be sold face to face. (VCR Act 2006)
  4. Ammunition - loaded ammunition of any type, expanding bullets (expanding projectiles/missiles) and in some cases primers and powder cannot be sold other than to a person holding an RFD certificate, firearm/shotgun certificate or explosives (black powder) certificate entitling that person to possess the particular ammunition or components in question. These items cannot be posted under any circumstances and must be sold face to face and, where applicable, entered on the purchaser's certificate.

This is NOT an exhaustive or definitive list. Please consult with your licensing authority if you are in any doubt about your obligations before buying or selling a firearm, ammunition or ammunition components.

In addition to any applicable laws, sellers are also strongly encouraged to check the relevant terms and conditions of the courier or mail service they are using to make sure the items in question are permitted.
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