Clean bolt on Blaser R93?

The Lucky Hunter


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Hi guys,

It seems that many of you are fans of the R93, so this must be the place to come to for advice.

I have one of these, but the official manual is a bit short on detail when in comes to cleaning, esp re the bolt assembly.

What do you reckon - is it necessary to clean the bolt in detail and, if so, how would I go about taking it apart?



Little Terry

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It might not be very helpful to you, but I've never bothered cleaning mine, apart from blowing the action out with the airline!


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Hi James
I have cleaned mine with an old tooth brush which I keep in my cleaning stuff, but not very often :oops:
I do take the bolt head out occasionally and give it a wipe over if the rifle has got soaked, saying that I have not cleaned after many soakings in a row and never had any corrosion.

I own 3 bolt assemblies and have never "cleaned" any of them. I do put a little oil on them when I wipe down my barrels, but I don't take them apart. I have never had any trouble. ;)
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