Cleaning an MAE T12?!??!


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I've got these on my two rimfires and .243 - the new one's are a sealed unit (non-strippable) - I've been using a squirt of WD40 but when I look inside the mods they're still pretty full up with gunk!

I've heard of washing them with petrol (then drying them out), or using hot soapy water (then drying them out), or filling it with WD40 and letting it drip out (then drying them out)...

Does anyone have any experience with these? They're fully stainless steel construction so I'm not worried about corossion, just the accuracy I lose when they're full of rubbish!

Hornet 6

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I used to chuck mine in a large Ultrasonic cleaner, worked a treat.
I no longer have access to it though, so now I would probably soak mod in a bucket of hot water with a spoonfull of Citric Acid.

Neil. :)


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WD40 doesnt evaporate and leave a sticky residue when it dries.
even petrol doesnt clean the crap off mine (strippable)

ultrasonic cleaner with citric or similar acid sounds like a good idea but finding one big enough might be a challenge


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Mine is allegedly strippable, but I've not managed to get it to pieces yet. :S

The newer one's arent - I spoke to Julian at JMS and he said the ultrasonic cleaner would be fine but there's really no need as they won't corrode as long as you dry them out on a radiator or airing cupboard...