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Hi all, can anyone tell where i can get some of that special cleaning cloth for polishing loaded rounds?
If i remember correctly it was called crazy cloth.
Thanks, Ezzy.


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In my opinion. there is no need unless they are really dirty not just a bit dull.
I clean mine when i reload them. I would suggest if you wanted to clean them then maybe some isopropyl alcohol on a cloth would be good becuase it will leave them dry and not at all "sticky" so bits can't get on them and into the chamber? If they are corroded then maybe it would be best to chuck them out,



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sinclair intl

Thanks Mat,
I have had a look at sinclair before but i've always been unsure about ordering stuff from the states. I would realy fancy a Harrel powder measure if i could get one at the right price.
When you say you use an ultrasonic cleaner does it use a cleaning solution? i read an article on them sometime ago and was thinking about trying one for cleaning brass instead of a tumbler as i hate it when the tumbler media gets stuck in a primer flash hole.
If i'm really honest with myself i no longer reload enough volume to justify the expense of either the measure or the cleaner I just realy like those Harrel measures.
Cheers, Ezzy.


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The only problem with ordering stuff from the states, is that anything over the value of £35 will be taxed with import duty and VAT, even if its a gift :cry:

Best to try and get a friend to bring it back if possible, for you. ;)


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Hi all,
this ultrasonic cleaner is starting to apeal, is there some special solution needed? and are you cleaning the primer pockets first or does it remove all the residue just with the ultrasonic cleaner.
I have never really been happy with the results i get with hand cleaning tools especialy with small rifle cases.



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I bought my ultrasonic cleaner from Aldi. I just use a level tablespoon of citric acid (wine making supplies). You need to decap the cases first, otherwise the primer pockets won't clean and the water gets trapped and won't dry out properly. Get it right and cases are clean inside and out.

As for buying from the states, yes, I virtually always get taxed, though it's usually only VAT @17.5% AND an extra £8 'handling charge' from parcelfarce or around £11 from UPS. This usually means that orders need to either be less than £20 to avoid the tax or big enough to make it worth it. Do the sums, it's worth it.

As for customer service, I've returned dodgy items and had all my return postage refunded. They also reply to emails promptly.


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Greetings ezzy6.5,
Try a medium strength household Ammonia solution with water Cases into basket.Cover the top of ultrasonic cleaner well (it stinks) Switch on just experiment how long it takes to clean.Rinse in distilled or purified water.Dry gentle heat.You wont feel like fouling them again. If you are near B'Ham Tommy Suttons. Jewellers tools etc own brand Jewel Clean.will last you ages,Walsh in Beckenham,Kent will have their own brew.If you need to go down that route pm me


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I would discourage the use of ammonia, it hardens copper! So don't use Brasso either... At least that's what I've heard from multiple sources.

The last thing you want is brittle failure of your cases! I usually tumble my cases with Rooster case polish (also from Sinclair) which leaves a bit of a shine and a bit of protection against corrosion.


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Do Not use any form of Ammonia on brass.

It will form minute cracks within the grain boundaries of the metal. with possible disasrerous results.
In 12 years in metals research, I have seen some spectacular examples.


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i've been using one of those cheap ultrasonic cleaners for a few years now.

Chuck in 20 or so cases, a teaspoon of white vinegar and fill with water. " mins later and cases are finished with great results.


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Thanks for the advice guys,
I had a small ultrasonic cleaner at work for cleaning small parts off inkjet printers, i haven't seen it for a while so i'll have to find it and sneak some cases in to try. i'll be well chuffed if it saves me from messing around cleaning primer pockets.