Cleaning Rimfire Moderator

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Richard S

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I have a Parker Hale moderator on my .22lr rifle.
I'm satisfied with the performance, but it is a real pain to clean the baffles. I've tried soaking them in thinners and boiling them in water as I saw recommended somewhere, but no success and I end up scraping the muck off.
Has anyone any suggestions please ?


paul o'

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a wire brush and a blundish blade and scrap it off the baffles i use an old 12 gage stiff brass chamber brush on a drill for mine. then i just give it a spray of barrel cleaner and carry on until i think it needs doing again say every tho rounds


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Soak in KG carbon cleaner and then drop in an ultrasonic bath

or just leave it alone.
Parker Hales have been left alone for decades without issue
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