Hi Guys,
Managed to get a drinks chiller from an SD member. Thanks for all your advice and help. Now can you help with info on the best products for cleaning and maintaining a chiller.
Many Thanks,


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I'd just spray it down with a proprietary kitchen cleaner and give it a wipe. Most of them are touted to 'kill 99% of bacteria' :thumb:


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Vinegar is also a good killer of germs and moulds, if you dinna fancy the chemicals, let it air a wee while after. The remainder tastes better on the fish supper too!


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I use EST-EEM Cleaner/Sanitizer from EVANS

specifically made for food use.

For cleaning/sanitizing work surfaces, tools, chillers etc.

Get it from an agricultural/equine merchant, from memory about £7 per gallon and lasts forever (unless you are a serial deer shooter)