Climate change !!!

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Now then you lot, here is something that will get us debating.
Sorry it`s not shooting related. :confused:

What do we think of all this talk about carbon footprinting and recycling etc??

Here are my thoughts for what they are worth.

I am not totally convinced about global warming, I tend to think that a lot of the scarmongering is deliberate to scare us into digging even deeper into our pockets, especially this government.:eek:

Look at the facts, Bin tax, congestion tax, fuel tax etc, i reckon there is more to it than changing the world, it`s just robbing us of more money but disguised as something to save the world. :evil:

This does not stop me from thinking that recycling is a bad thing, in fact i have thought for many years that it is criminal digging a big hole in the ground and dumping rubbish into it. I think we should all recycle plastics, papers, tins and glass without thinking about it.
Isn`t it a proven fact that the amount of co2 put into the atmosphere by cars equates to about 5% of the total amount of co2?.
What about all the volcanoes in the world which are constantly spewing out c02 and which have been doing so for thousands of years.

Why is it that as a country that has a lower c02 output than most other countries like the U.S or China but we are made to feel guilty about owning a car.

Ok, we have all seen the weather changes over the years and we all remember the long hot summer as kids when the only rain we saw was a summer thunder storm which lasted for 10 minutes and then returned to glorious summer. I tend to believe that these are 30,40, or even 50 year cycles that will eventually come back round.

What do you think, it will be interesting to find out.

cheers, wadashot


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I'll be killed for this.

Global warming? they can't even predict the weather for three days!

Recycling not possible, because the european law states the customer has the right to a good product. I work in the plastic industry and we are not even allowed to recycle the sprews in production and that would be same material even same batch.
Even the germans have renamed recycling and try too burn the lot and get some energy back. Recycle the energy.

Incineration I think is quite good if done properly, always burn a nice bit of glas with it and get a slack, kind of ash bound by silica back to a natural form.

Oil ?? it will be used up or?? if it is not us then the others. So why should we suffer until that happens. Of course we need to line up alternatives.

Fuel taxes are so high in europe that we cannot afford to produce cars that use less. Think of it if we would use half governments would be broke.

The biggest evil of all is that our governments are to expensive not enviromental issues.



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Interesting post and comments, l do feel that this global warming and carbon footprint thing is a load of s++t, it has been proved that global warming is a natural thing for our planet to do, l am told that the earths oceans spew out more methane and co2 than all the industrial nations put together so is this not a natural thing and we can do nothing to stop that, the answer is to plant more trees-more trees = more deer :D (like we need anymore) and also to stop destroying the rainforests.


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The planet has been heating up and cooling down for millions of years, and manages to carbonate itself rather nicley.
Volcanoes, and oceans produce massive amounts of Co2.

The earth will repair itself it always does, whether man will be around to see it will be another subject altogether.
Extinctions have been going on for longer than man was here, and will continue to do so, and don't worry about extinctions in the long term new animals will take their place as they always have done

Man is natural, it was produced by the earth, it will be come exctinct in just the same manner and the cycle will start again


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I agree with you Wadas! I also think that we should conserve natural habitat for wildlife not for humans. Again I'm talking about my friends the 'eco rangers!' They re-develop an old quarry site and by the time they put up signs, information boards, eco friggin wigwams, gift shop, spirtual development area, nature walk footpaths etc, there's no bloody room for the wildlife! :eek:

Its all a scam this environment, global warming business! Its making someone alot of money.

Thats just reminded me. 'Back in the day' I was asked to give a talk to school kids about my canal conservation group I ran. They also invited this 'wonka' dress like a tree who played the flute and told the kids about 'Tree spirits' Woooooow...! Tosser! He looked like the product of a drug fuelled night of passion between Jethro Tull and a spider plant!


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Climates change constantly. In the middle ages Britain was mediteranean in climate apparently. Now that's not long ago. We reach a tipping point one way, then we reach a tipping point another way be it planetary albedo, cloud cover or what have you. We are entering a period of intense solar activity, this will have far more effect than our piffling little bit of carbon.


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I agree with Waddas
Global warming, Co2 emissions, Its all a load of Bo##ox. The aim is to get us to pay more taxes. Take the vehicle tax for example on 4x4s. Tell me what you think churns out lower emissions.
1) A 1995 defender Tdi
2) A 2008 defender
:confused: Yep you guessed rite the 2008 model Defender . So why the heck is the lad with the 2008 model paying twice as much road tax as the other guy with the Tdi then & the government say its higher because it produces more Co2 :confused:
Crap crap crap its nothing to do with emissions at all. Hes paying more because the government can get it out of him as hes the 1 that can afford a new 4x4 so they automatically think hes loaded. :evil: They will never tax big cars off the road & to be truthfull the government dont really want to anyway because thats where they make the money its bugger all to do with emissions its a money making scheme for the government :evil: :evil:
Thats it my rant is over :D


I dont know this for sure but I understand that during the war people were asked to make a sacrifice for the country and hand over metal objects to be smelted down and used to make cannon and spitfires. It turns out that it was a confidence trick, to make people feel that they were making sacrifices as well and not much of this metal if any was used for the purposes hoped for. I feel re-cycling is a bit like that. I have heard too many stories of the cost of re-cycling to have great faith in it. What I dont undertsand is why we here so much about what we can all do when there must be a huge amount that could be done to ensure that packaging is as bio or photo degradable as is possible. This would mean less waste but we would'nt get the inner glow we feel when we put garden waste in the green bin.
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