Close encounter with a badger

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I had an interesting experience sat in a high seat last Thursday night. About an hour from dark a badger appeared out of the vegetation approximately 35 yards away. It trotted up the ride towards me. On reaching the high seat it stopped and sniffed the bottom rung before shuffling through to the rear of the seat where Amber, my labrador was sat. The two of them eye balled each other at a distance of 3 feet for about 15 seconds before the badger turned round and shuffled off back to where it had come. Thankfully Amber never moved. I am not sure which of the three of us was most surprised!


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Don't you love all the different experiences you have when out stalking. I had a close encounter with a very curios giraffe once while I was out stalking springbok.


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I too had vet bills in mind because although Amber is rock steady she is not averse to retrieving shot foxes or finding and holding a deer. On one occasion in Scotland she was sent to find a stag in some young trees, which I thought was dead. It was very close to expiring but was still twitching its head. However Amber had it very tightly held by the nose.
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