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paul k

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I had a very close view of a red stag this week. I was driving up the Bray Valley in Devon, not too far from South Moulton as the light was fading. I saw a stag cross the road about 200 yards ahead, it was coming out of some fields to the right and towards woods on the left.

I slowed as I appraoched as it made no effort to get into the woods but waited on the side of the road. I pulled to the right and eased round it but as I drew level it decided to go back the way it came and jumped across the bonnet of my car. I'm sure that it looked me in the eye as it went.

It was the closest view of a live stag that I have had and it will live with me for some time. It was a big boy still in velvet but looking a potential 10 pointer.


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That doesn't happen every day.

Atleast he made it over your car and didn't land on your bonnet, that would have been aN RAC job to get you home.



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A cattle truck came into where i work last year, it had some hefty damage to the side. The driver said two Red Deer jumped a hedge, straight into the side of his lorry, apparently both the deer survived.
5 Years ago we lost a workmate to a deer. Les was returning home after visiting his mother, the car in front hit a Roe deer, it went over the top and came down through Les windscreen.

You can never be to carefull on the roads today, glad to hear you`re ok mate.


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We see stags on the side of the road up here quite frequently, and it seems as if every second person you talk to has hit a deer of some sort.

I even know a young lad who hit one on a motorcycle, sort of conjures up visions of wrecked motor bike and wrecked people and deer lying in the road, yes? Well no actually, it seems the young man in question, with his mate as a pillion passenger, was going so fast that he actually put the deer into two pieces! It was a roe doe, for which he must be forever thankful, dead obviously with it's head about ten feet from it's hind quarters, the motorcycle had bent forks etc and a cracked fairing, the two boys were unhurt, they did not even come off the bike!.

How lucky is that, somebody was watching over them that day. He learnt a valuable lesson though, he put his quest for speed onto the race track, and now has a company producing various, lucrative, items for use by racing teams.

But, I bet it was not as nice as seeing your stag. :D



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about 20 + years ago my mate hit three stags in one year in three different subaru pikups all pickups were a right off never picked up one of the stags though they just got up and ran . I have had a few near misses myself over the years but may have been lucky

paul k

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When I was in Saudi we never used to drive out of town at night because the camels came onto the road because of the retained heat. Hit a camel and you take the legs out and get the best part of three quarters of a ton dropping in through your windscreen!
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