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For Sale: CO-MR HDi Photonis Premium Night Vision


Well-Known Member
[FONT=&quot]Finally were here up and running with the brand new CO-MR HDi Photonis Premium.


[FONT=&quot]This allows you to convert your day stalking rifle in to a high end night vision unit and back again with out a loss of zero...and trust me it works well.[/FONT]
This unit has a FOM 1500 and is measured at 65 lp/mm[/FONT]

At an amazing price of £2699 plus p&p - build time is around 2 weeks.

check out http://www.facebook.com/nightshephertac for more pictures and info.

Please note that for best results you need a front muns style mount available at Tier-One, this needs to be professionally mounted by a gun smith.

for just just £2699 you get the following:
CO-MR HDi Photonis Premium - tested with certificate
Wireless Remote Control
Picitinny Mount
Front scope mount
Cleaning Cloth
Soft Case (optional Peli Case at £110)

Stalker to Foxing rifle for £2699 plus P&P


Contact me on sales@nightshepherdtac.co.uk




Well-Known Member
Hi Srvet,

Ideally yes, but it doesn't make a difference to the accuracy. Just shifts you POI down (or up)

For the setup you see here it was just 3 clicks up (at 150m) this is the same every time you put the NV back on as long as it goes back on the same notch on the rail.

Its a common misconception that these units need re zeroing every time they are fitted. They don't! they just need the click value measured then each time you fit it just adjust and your away.

The more centrally aligned the less click adjustment you need.


Well-Known Member

We have one last unit to sell before we move on to better things.

CO-MR 64 pl/mm FOM 1600
Test Cert
Soft Case

£1850 in P&P

All major Credit Cards Taken