Sold: Cognac leather card wallet


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Started making a few odds and sods again and found some left over Cognac Pueblo leather from last time from the Badalassi Carlo tannery in Italy. This is very very nice leather.

A small, slim, easy to carry minimalistic card holder that is hand crafted from full grain veg tan leather. Saddle stitched by hand with edges sanded and burnished until smooth as glass.

£30 delivered.

Picture below to show an example with the actual item for sale being in the video below. That also shows my own card wallet a year or so on, so you can see how it ages and the sort of patina it takes on. They are surprisingly sturdy and strong. A sign of fine leather. I genuinely love mine. The best things I make in my view. Friends and even Miss Cottis has one (after she put the first one through the wash :banghead: )