Cold Chain improvisation


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I three quarters fill a 5L rectangular plastic container (screenwash type) with water and place it into the freezer. When I go stalking I keep this improvised 'cool block' in a cool bag (picnic type) in my vehicle. It is just the right size to fit neatly inside a gralloched Roe carcass whilst in transit to the dealer/larder.


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That is very good idea! I tend to stay overnight where I shoot, so anything I'll get in the evening won't make it home until the next day.


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Good idea 308rws mate ;)

I suppose there are quite a few different options with this idea, like buying a bag of ice cubes from a shop nearby where your shooting, that`s if they sell em :rolleyes: or using those plastic ice packs. Whichever, thanks for that and keep the tips coming in ;)



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I use little plastic coke bottles, 0.5 or 1 litre milk bottles in more or less the same way as 308rws does with the bigger stuff.
Just make sure that you don't fill them right up before you freeze them or they will burst.


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I saw smoething on mythbusters, they mixed the water with vodka and it stayed supple slush well below freezing and stayed frozen for longer.

Handy to wrap stuff in.

All I've got is Whiskey (with an 'e') and I've got better uses for that!


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Cold Chain Inprovisation

On a hot june day on the way out of the forest to do a FC shooting test (what a waste of time) I shot a Roe Buck. I knew it was going to have to be in the car for about 5 hrs. Then I had a brain wave I field dressed it and put it in a Garden refuse bag ( tough plastic ) and put the deer in the passenger foot well of the car with the neck of the bag under the floor air-conditioning vent. Air comes out of a car AC system at about 3 degrees C turn fan on full, blast chill feet but cool deer. Passed shooting test and got deer home 6hrs later in perfect condition.


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At the end of the summer I bought a chiller box and ice packs from Tesco (box and 12 blue ice packs, all in £20). Chuck the packs in the freezer, box keeps them cold in the car (11hr apparently, tho I have found it to be a lot more) If I get something, I gralloch, then fill the chest cavity with the blue ice packs. Does a good job