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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod


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Swampy or Leagle, perhaps you could help me on this one.
Due to a finacial crisis (two daughters marrying in two years and rising fuel prices) I have decided not to rejoin my target shooting club.
I have two .303s, a No.4 and a very neat SMLE Officers rifle in pretty well new condition. These were both made by BSA and I have a .243 and a 6.5x55 stalking rifle, also by BSA.
I have contacted my FEO regarding the situation and asked about a collecters ticket and he will make enquiries.
Before the financial situation arose it was my intention to purchace a Martini Henry and a Long Lee also by BSA and would hope to in the future.

I would like to hang on to the .303s if possible and wonder what the criteria are for the said ticket


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collectors etc

these are exerpts from the above document. It is fine for you to collect firearms, this is a good reason to possess them, you can show that you are collecting becuase of what you already possess.


firearms they choose for these purposes.
On the other hand, a simple wish to own
a particular sort of firearm is not in itself
“good reason” without further supporting
evidence of intentions.

Collection of firearms
13.51 The collecting of firearms by a
genuinely interested collector should be
accepted as a “good reason” for the grant
of a firearm certificate. There should be no
blanket policy to prevent the collecting of
modern firearms (though collectable firearms
will tend to be of the Second World War or
earlier eras) nor should arbitrary limits be
imposed on the number or type of firearms.
However, a single firearm is unlikely to be
acceptable unless it forms part of a collection
of other exhibits (but see paragraph 9.17).
Modern reproductions of vintage arms may
be collected, especially to fill gaps in
collections of older firearms. There are no
normal calibres for collecting, and collections
may include field artillery, tanks and other
armoured fighting vehicles. Vintage handguns
are dealt with in Chapter 9. Collections may
include firearms disguised as other objects
that would otherwise be prohibited under
section 5(1A) of the 1968 Act. Ammunition
may be collected of itself, including
expanding, incendiary or armour-piercing
ammunition or explosives that would
otherwise be prohibited under section 5(1A)
of the 1968 Act.
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