colour blind


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Hi all, when I shoot at 1000yds I struggle to see illuminous orange markers on the figure 11 target when the markers are in the tan shaded areas, can see them ok on the backer and on the black, can I buy specs that will help me with this problem.atb swaro


They do exist mate, I work at sea and one of the other Skippers has a pair, they work well for him.

Yorkshire lad

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if anyone has or gets a pair of these glasses could you please let me/us what you think of them. might be easier to spot the blood trails.


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Are the markers green? I have a teeny bit of green colour blind and such things appear luminous. Gaelic signs in Scotland a case in point.


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I have red green deficiency and at an opticians with specialist equipment found magenta lenses to improve my acuity. I was about to order these glasses but having seen this thread realized these particular new lenses weren't on the list that we tried. I'd be keen to compare these with magenta before pressing the expensive purchase button! Cheers, K