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For Sale: Commercial Grade Stainless Large Gambrels

Moray Outfitting

Well-Known Member
Having mentioned these on Social Media and in our Moy thread several folk have asked for details.

These are Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Large Gambrels - actually rated 'PIG', but size wise equate to a typical large/ stag size with approx 55cm length between the 'dips'. Substantial build with what looks to be 14/15mm main bar section these were used commercially for pig processing - with typical weights into hundreds of kilo's.

All are graded used, but excellent-vgc with no damage/ faults etc.


They are fitted with a twin hole ( to allow hanging and winch/hoist attachment - so low height overall.

These are tough products and weight is about 1.5kg each - so not really something economically posted. We have a substantial stock of these and will take a good number with us to Moy. If interested please let us know ( no obligation ) so we can plan quantities. Otherwise available by appiointment to collect from us in Moray. Just £12.50 each or 2 for £20

Thanks for looking

Moray Outfitting

Well-Known Member
A few enquiries so we checked.

On average gambrels coming in at 1.8/1.9 kg. With packaging that puts them into upto 5kg bracket for posting. Can just about size as a medium parcel. That costs £12.98 for Parcel Force 24.

Right on Moy now, but if anyone is interested I will do a post out session next week at same price plus £14.50 to cover post and packing. Just PM if interested.



Well-Known Member
Just received a couple of these, overwhelmed with their sturdiness and shear size, just what I was hoping for for dealing with big reds, I'd imagine they'd be just the ticket for large boar too. If I had a use for more than a couple I'd have all of them, you don't find this quality readily available from stalking suppliers trust me, these are in a different league!