Compact Scope Cam


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After seeing people making scope mounts etc for Handy Cams, I came accross this today, small, compact, depending on model selected, even has a GPS, also has various adaptors for various activities, looks like it would go straight onto a scope. Has anyone seen or used one?




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I was looking at these and others last night but with a view to actually getting one that looks through the scope eye piece and was looking at the GOPRO range of cameras you can also get a screen to attach to it which would then give you a view through the scope and at what your shooting..not sure if they would work and its then getting it attached to the scope eye piece ??...



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You can have at look at Kristoffer Claussen's page, he is using one
It might be a good idea on shotgun, but for me it is no use on rifle, unless you want to film driven hunt when shooting at very close ranges. These cameras have no zoom...

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There has been a lot of experimentation with this sort of thing on , Ahem, another web site. In fact if you look at the Nitesite that is exactly what it is with the screen on top. and an IR pointing out front. These tend to be used as an entry to Night Vision. Don't see why your would use it for day unless you had a disability or wanted to video your shooting...And there are a few who do :)
There is plenty of info about. There are pros and cons to the system.
You use your scope for the magnification. you need side PA for focus

To attach you can simply use a strong rubber hose type of thing or you can make a day scope adapter. As I said there is plenty of info. But if you want an off the shelf the nitesite is about £400.