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A great answer to a dumb question!!

Katie Couric, of American CBS News programme, while interviewing a Royal Marine sniper in Afghanistan, asked:

"What do you feel when you shoot a Taliban Fighter?"

The Marine shrugged and replied,

"A slight recoil."

Hard to fault a Marine who is that eloquent!!


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Very dry humour, Its part of the basic training in the Royal Navy (Royal Marines included).
I was once at the Captains table for a minor misdimeanor the Captain sighed and said to me 'Able Seaman you are rather an enigamtic character, you know what I mean by enigmatic?' 'Yes' says I 'It means that I can stick to metal'! :lol:
Its was a costly remark but well worth it! :D

Well done that boot neck, such a spirited and witty reply in such a hell hole of a place with such a difficult job to do! Classic!


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Similar to 'How can you shoot those insurgents running away?'
the answer - Give them a little more lead.



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Or "why did you shoot that terrorist 20 times?"

"Cos I ran out of ammo"

A classic from back home.

The marines were always a cut above.


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Yeah Geoshot, that was the excuse used by the SAS in Gibraltar when they shot the IRA bombers! I think in their case it was thirty six times and they ran out of bullets! Why the court was so interested in how many bullets they used was stupid! I've been to the area that they were shot, high rise flats all round. If the bomb had gone off the people nearby wouldn't have stood a chance!

I recently read 'Sniper One' by SGT Dan Mills, some good one liners in that! :lol:


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Hi Beowulf,

Yep the Gibraltar 3 inquest was the first time that one was used, and it was reprised a couple of years later by a couple of marines who had riddled a VCP runner who stupidly ran over one of their buddies.
I always enjoyed working with the marines, definite cut above, reliable and smarter than the average puddle jumper.
Did you see these pics?
Typical of these guys' humour in difficult situations.

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