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For Sale: Complete .308 Stalking rifle Mod scope and kit


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FREE STALKING RIFLE when you buy Ideal Complete setup. DEVON
Brit classic Midland Gun Company Springfield action .308
It can achieve 1 moa with cheep PPU 150gn SP. (3 shots from cold)
The general condition is 'well used' but it has some nice wood on the stock and nice 'old skool' quality checkering for grip (hand cut craftsmanship).
Lans in good condition.
For Fox, Roe Red Stags and Boar!
(.308 gives better knock down but does less meat damage than .243)

I have based price on the used prices of the accessories as a ‘kit’:

6 x 9 x 50 Simmons Deerfield scope £50
Leather ‘Springfield’ cinch sling £17.50
Parker Hale Mounts £35 (rare as hens teeth took 4 shops and 3 months to find as different sizes front and rear)
Warne Rings (from Sportsman Exeter) £35 (cost like £85 if I remember right)
A set of Warner picatinny mounts to fit (unfitted) for alt scope/ring possibilities) £27.50 (cost £55)
Reflex T8 Moderator £100 (cost £225) (Not light but can't be beaten for sound suppression)
150 once fired PPU brass fire-formed to this rifle £30
Chinese usable (with fiddling to fit/unfit with pin) but rubbish bipod, value £0
Total estimate (used) £300

So £250,
... and I’ll throw in a very capable stalking RIFLE FOR FREE.

You will need free slots for both a rifle AND a Moderator.
Without the Moderator it will be £200 as that means I will have to separately advertise.
I may pay the RFD trans at my end if you ask nicely and have the lot.

This is/was my Deer rifle for the last two years and has seen me right.
I've now invested nearly 10 x this on new kit as I'm going semi-pro.
If this was the States I'd keep it till I die but it isn't so I have to sell to make room in my cabinet.
The rifle itself was made by the Midland Gun Company, bought by Parker Hale.
It's a 'Springfield' action which is renowned. The actions were originally intended to be made into Spanish civil war rifles, but the war ended so they waited 25 years and then made some classic British sporting rifles with them instead :)
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