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Sold: Complete Kids Quality Seeland / Harkila Age 8 Shooting Outfit

PSE Composites Limited
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Complete Kids quality Seeland / Harkila Age 8 Shooting Outfit, all in very good barely worn condition with no rips, tears or pulls.

Was carefully put together to keep my son warm and dry. The Seeland Woodcock Tousers and Jacket are the best / most waterproof available in childrens size.

All items are age 8, although my son has worn up to age 10 on the rare occasions we have ventured out since losing my licences due to ill health 12-months ago.

Would prefer to sell as a whole, but will split if no one interested in complete outfit by this time next week.

Seeland Woodcock Kids Waterproof Jacket (Age 8) - £30
Seeland Woodcock Kids Waterproof Trousers (Age 8) - £20
Seeland Daniel Kids Fleece (Age 8) - £15
Seeland Kids Wool Jumper (Age 8) - £15
Harkila Terence Kids Shirt (Age 8) - £10

Total: £90 + £10 Postage (collection welcome)

0L9A1349.jpg 0L9A1350.jpg 0L9A1351.jpg 0L9A1352.jpg 0L9A1353.jpg
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