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Sold: Complete Sako A7 .243 Package including Meopta ZD 3-12x50, AimZonic Mod

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Complete stalking / foxing package including; Sako A7 .243 with Meopta ZD 3-12x50 Tactical with ballistic turrets and illuminated (centre cross) mildot reticule, AimZonic Cyclone Compact Moderator, Harris Tilt Bipod with notched legs, 62 rounds of Sako Gamehead 90g, Napier Razorback Stalker Rifle Case (takes rifle with mod fitted and has double shoulder straps to carry down the back as well), cleaning rod and materials.

Rifle, moderator and bipod are just under three years old in excellent lightly used condition, having fired 198 rounds, with a single light ring mark on the barrel from the moderator. The scope is older, purchased second hand at the same time as the rifle, the glass is perfectly clear and unscratched with no marks to the tube but there is something wrong with the reticule illumination which will almost certainly require a Meopta Service to resolve and so is reflected in the overall asking price. The rifle has been cleaned after every use and stored in the cabinet with moderator removed.

Sale solely due to extended illness and priced to sell before Christmas. Selling up completely, other kit to follow in separate threads in due course.

Package = 950 no offers

Rifle = 1050
60 Rounds = 78
Moderator = 309
Scope = 779
Bipod = 100
Carrycase = 160
Bolt Carrier = 10
Bullet Case = 10
Butler Creek Scope Covers = 25
Cleaning rod & materials = 20
Total = 2,541

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Rum Baba

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Hi. Could I ask what's wrong with the Illuminated ret - is it intermittent

or not working entirely ? Thanks, Chris


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It's rather bizarre Chris. When turned on, the reticule is no longer illuminated and there are little read streaks spread over the view (not visible when the illumination is turned off). I only found out by accident demonstrating to a friend. I've never used the illumination, even lamping foxes (the Tracer Ledray 1000 is so bright, I never needed to illuminate the reticle).
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