Concerning a Hippo Lioness and frying pan

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After Malc's story here is another worth repeating. This happened before the advent of tents with fitted carpets,hot and cold running water and hot showers on tap, room service etc. Bush shower if lucky in those days.
A particularly difficult American client was taken on safari and caused a lot of angst. However the story is thus. In the pan handle of Okavonga delta Linyanti swamp area. we had a medical emergency and had to get the patient to an airstrip on the Caprivi strip. Our American decided he would stay in camp. The boss boy (pc incorrect now ) was told to look after him. Missionary educated spoke good english with broad scots accent. Client decided he wanted to move his tent closer to the water against advice. client would not listen. Deed done. That night the lions decided to make their presence known. Now for anyone not in the know lions roaring at night are particularly difficult to place. Hippo had wandered onto the opposite side of camp and took a shortcut past A's tent knocking out guy ropes tent collapsed nobody brave enough to check what had happened. Lions walked through camp. In the morning rescued one shaken A from inside/under tent tan faded no bloody frying pan. This was discovered about 400 hundred yards from the fire remains licked clean no need to wash lioness had picked it up on way through. Take away. :) All this was read from the spoor the following morning. He tried to book again but the boss had had enough of him on one occasion so refused.


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thanks morena for sharing that with us, no way would i of gone out to check with bloody lions roaring away
i may of been the take away :lol:
take care my friend hope you are well
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