Congrats !!


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Well done that man for completing your portfolio I did mine years ago best thing I ever did.

All the best

Uncle Buck

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Although I did get off on the wrong foot!! :banghead: Thanks to you & shotz (AW) It's as they say "done and dusted" ;)

Kind Rgds, Buck.

PS.Thanks to Barony College very helpful. :thumb:


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Well done Buck.
After a bad start and being initially messed about you got there in the end :rolleyes:
Now you can apply for Fit & Competant status with SNH.


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the pleasure was all mine ,going to different type of stalking than my normal was a good experience for me after 30+years stalking cheers Shotz


level 2

Congratulations on passing your level 2 uncle buck:tiphat:do you kick my wrong foot?:stir: :rofl::rofl: WELL DONE BILL
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well done uncle buck:tiphat:you deserve it,hard worked for.cant wait to do mine,wont be long ,soon i putting a stop to that at the moment.mark g is a nice guy,dont get many of them about:cool:.+ 1 on that big cat
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well done billy :D will i have the pleasure of you company in any leases next year ;)