Congratulations are in order GYR and his first roe buck.

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congratulations Gyr on your first roe buck.

Gyr has stalked with me this weekend. He came up and we had a couple of stalks culminating in a 70 yard shot off sticks at a roe buck yearling. It was an ideal cull animal. Taken with my 7mm08 in windy and slightly wet conditions. Whats more, a jolly nice chap.

Swampy steve


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Good on you Gyr,
I'm so glad to hear of your success! Where are the pictures?
It truly was a wet affair, I know the two guys out with Malc had some of the same weather.


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Well done Gyr. If you had the same weather as we did you were up against it. It was bloody awful in West Sussex, not the kind of weather Roe deer show much in !! Still Nick took a nice thick antlered old Buck, so it was a reasonably succesful morning.

Andy dont worry mate I will sort you something out in the summer when the little buggers are in the rut, we will do a couple of stalks next time. If not I will see what can be done about Scotland for you ;)


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well done gyr look forward to seeing the photos.i will get my first soon as you have heard the weather was awful but skater boy done good.


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Bloody marvellous! Well done Gyr, I'm so pleased to hear that so many members are getting out stalking together. I've asked Tika 308 to come out with me on my patch sometime. Its only 50 acres but at least he won't need to take long shots! :lol:


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fantastic gyr ,
what a way to spend the weekend, may it be the first of many
and congratulations to you aswell swampy for giving gyr the oppurtunity
i bet you were as chuffed as gyr was


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i was out on Saturday in Devon on the kind offer of a forum member.Unfortunately the weather was horrific and we were lucky to see a few does in those conditions. I cant blame those bucks for keeping tucked up and warm - i know i would've preferred to!

Im happy to report that it was the perfect conditions to put the jahti jakt kit through it's paces. it performed very well and kept me dry and warm. Well worth the money!


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I wasn't going to put any pics up but seeing as a few of you have asked for them...
I had a great weekend,I learnt a lot,I was in great company and I got my first buck.What more can you ask for?!!
Thanks Steve

All the best,




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nice one gyr
pics are always good to hav, for when the meat is long gone, the memories are still there with a little reminder to look at and refresh the moment
once again
well done

Heym SR20

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Well done - make sure you keep the antlers and mount them somewhere were you can enjoy them every day!


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Thanks everyone for your replies.
Yes,Heym I am mounting it and I can't wait to see it on the wall!!
Are any of you going to the Falconry Fair at Chetwynd Park,Newport,Shropshire on the 4+5th of May?
Kindest Regards,
The Lucky Hunter