Congratulations to winners and thanks to donators

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Sorry for hogging the site a bit with my brothers Three Peaks Challenge for the British Heart Foundation..

Many thanks to all the SD members who generously offered Stalking, Wildfowling and Sticks and those that added to threads with further offers, Double Four and Limulus.

So with Sandra having picked the numbers here are the winners...

Malcs offer of stalking goes to Pierred - Well done Pierre and thanks for the donation im sure you will be in for a great time with Malc.. Sorry the phone kept cutting out bud..

Rick O Shay's offer goes to 22-250 - Talk about Jammy :) you've got some shooting in front of you as you also had the winning bid for Jono 4's Wildfowling offer.. Thanks to Jon and Jono for the offers and hope you have a great time with them Shaun.

My offer of stalking was won by Seibassman, so congratulations Mathew youll have a pm shortly with a phone number to get in touch.

Jonny 1211 has the winning bid for JayB's generous offer up in Scotland. Many thanks JayB and Jonny for such a great amount raised .

Lastly I have been in touch with Gimlet, Mark who infact made the highest single donation on the Just Giving page and should have had the choice of the above stalks but due to a busy work load and bodies all over a house im putting on the market the original offer clearly slipped my mind.... However Mark and I have spoken and I look forward to meeting him for a Poole Sika and hopefully a spot of Deep Sea Fishing. Thankyou Mark for being a gent... Also a big thankyou to Marcel who was very close behind Marks donation and deserved a mention.

Many thanks from myself and all the family



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well done to all you winners . what great way to make a difference to other people . good luck on the the three peaks.


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Well done to everyone who contributed to Terry`s cause. :tiphat:
It truely is The Stalking Directory at its best.
Terry .. I hope the young one is ok, i know first hand what it`s like to have someone so close and so young suffer from an illness.
Good luck with The Three Peaks.


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Congratulations to the lucky buggers that won :thumb:
And hats off to those that stepped up to offer the prizes.
​I hope things go well for the little'un and that this is the start of some good news to come


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Terry, well done to you mate for putting this together. SD members must have raised £10,000's for deserving causes over the past few years. :tiphat:
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Cheers guys... Little Amelia popped in with my brother this afty..

As Rupert says it must run into 10's of thousands whats been raised here on SD over the years..


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Well done Terry, we are all behind you and your family and hope and pray that the young one improves and recovers well.

As for the members of this site, THANK YOU gentlemen as someone has already said The Stalking Directory at its best. The site has supported many good causes since we (Jayb, csl and myself) purchased the site some 5 to 6 years back, and its thanks to the members of this site, because you make it what it is, a successful, supportive and friendly site.

Thank you one and all. Pierred if you could PM with your phone number we will get a date nailed down in the diary.


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Hi Terry

I was stunned to read my name as one of the winners in the draw, this is the first time in my life I have won anything so it was a total suprise. I am glad that so much has been raised for the BHF to say thank you for all the help Amelia has had so far and will need in the future, and wish the challenge team all the best in the rest of thier training and the event itself.

Kind regards


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:oops::oops: OMG, Specsavers it is tomorrow, cheers Jon :doh:

Just to clarify 20-250 had the winning bid for the Wildfowling with Jono and 22-250 Shaun has the Stalking with Rick O Shay after making a donation and being drawn.. Jon and Shaun have contacted each other...

Bloody mobile fone was all I had to hand as house does not have wifi and clearly I need a much much bigger screen..

Hope that is everyone happy and I need a break :confused:



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Well definatly a surprise especially after reading post #1 really looking forward to meeting Jon and stalking with him. Congrats to the other winners but I think that most of us myself included donated because of a good cause and I would like to think we would have put our hands in our pockets regardless. Thanks for sorting out the confusion Terry ATB to yourself and family Shaun


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Greetings all,
after a bit of confusion with the draw I thought I would let you know how things have panned out.

After the draw was made Terry could not
have been more apologetic for the mishap and wanted to make sure I didn’t miss out on an opportunity.
We spoke about the three stalks which were on offer and which one I would have chosen.
As I had never seen a wild Sika deer, the opportunity to bag one even if I had to head way up to Scotland would have been my 1[SUP]st[/SUP] choice.

Not frequenting Poole area much other than to catch a boat, I was surprised when Terry informed me of the
large population on his doorstep and he would arrange something down there.

My outing down in Poole happened last weekend where I turned up as arranged to meet Terry at his home.
With a quick drop off of kit and a brew we were off, firstly to an area by the estuary laid out to assist the
disabled to see the birds and deer that roam close by.
Terry took me down to get a close look at my first wild Sika and what a site, firstly I saw the odd few
dotted around and then once disturbed, a large group of Hinds laying in the reed beds with some youngsters and a nice group of Stags of
varying ages.
When they decided to move off, I got to see the full splendour of the beasts.
Onwards we went, this time to meet Andy Lake who had offered his time and the use of his ground, allowing me
the opportunity to grass a Sika Stag.
Stalk One.
Firstly a range check to make sure I could hit what I was aiming the.243 at due to the need of accurate shot placement, then on to an area covered by a high seat where an animal would hopefully present its self.
As you all know, last weekend was not the best for stalking, with strong gusting wind and torrential heavy
rain which made for a soggy experience.
Hoping that the wind and rain would fade away and seeing a few Roe and Sika hinds crossing in front of us, allowed us to stay optimistic in the gloom.
With the light fading fast and finding it difficult to see I scanned the field boundary to my left and bingo, a cracking 8 pointer stepped out of the wood around 90 yds away.
Nudging Andy we changed seats to enable me to get a bead upon the big chap but we had lost the light, the definition could not be made out so decided against the shot.
As we walked back to find Terry who had been checking out the surrounding fields the Stag walked out in front of us into the gloom and gave me the chance to hear a Sika alarm call.

Stalk Two.
After a brief few hours kip we were off to meet with Andy and headed to a field running parallel with a large wood.
The intention was to intercept the deer as they were heading home out of the maize.
Not to be I am afraid as they had beaten us to it, another good Stag stood one leap from the wood giving us no chance to close the range.
Onwards to another area where we hoped stags may be opening a wallow but the heavy rain from the night before covered the signs with no beasts in site.
Stalk Three.
Last chance for the weekend and this time a change of tactics.
With me now having Andy’s 30.06 available providing more knock down power and after a range check, it was decided to position ourselves
on high ground hidden from view at the woods edge, with Terry acting as spotter from the barn opposite.
Unfortunately we chose the wrong section of wood to cover as the Stag and hinds appeared further along, to far to make up ground before
they reached the skyline.

With the light again beating us my Stag had to wait for another day.

When I made my gift to the charity I did it for hopefully the right reason, to help people that have the skill and patience to help those
in need like Amelia.
What I didn’t expect was to meet up with two proper gents that couldn’t do enough to try and get me my first Sika.
This time is was not to be but as Andy said, we now have unfinished business and we’ll be back.
Watch this space.
Thanks again Terry for arranging things and to Andy for his time and effort.
It was a learning experience but I enjoyed every minute.
variation tomy ticket coming I think.
Thanks again

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Hi Mark,

It was a pleasure to meet you after your kind donation on behalf of my brothers appeal on behalf of his daughter Amelia and the British Heart Foundation.

You couldn't have possibly have known that your big donation would have been the largest and as you say after a bit of confusion on my part im glad we were able to meet up.

Id like to say a huge thankyou to a good friend and great gent Lakey ( Andy ) and Paul Taylor who kindly donated the three outings as their gift to the appeal. You were in top hands there with Lakey and im sure theres been a great deal of knowledge added to your stalking.

As you say Mark there were plenty of deer seen and what a great time we had despite Poole doing its best to drown us.. Them Sika like coming out last knockings and full credit and hats off to you for calling it when you felt it had become too dark... With some unfinished business im sure youll be adding another deer species to your list very shortly.

Yet again SD at its best, with so many people coming together for each other...Mark was great fun, a true gent and a pleasure to spend time with, a real credit to SD.

Till the next time mate, thankyou for your kind donation and a great laugh over the weekend.



We smashed the original 5k goal and are currently with gift aid just under 9K

The new target is 10K so anybody that feels they might like to help heres the link :)

A huge thankyou from all the family to all those that kindly donated and supported


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It was a pleasure to meet you Mark, and a great laugh with Terry in fine form. I think if that stag had come out 15 minutes earlier he would have been yours for sure. good few Sika about but your stag ended up giving us the slip when all was said and done. The maize is set to come off soon, so that makes the sika more visible which helps a fair bit. Look forward to meeting up again and having another go sometime.

All the best

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I'm sorry I thought I saw the words "Mark" and "Gent" in the same sentence. :D
He talks even more crap that I do.

Way to go dude, good to see you enjoyed it. Don't you be changing your pea shooter. I don't want you outgunning me. lol


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11th of October at last light, managed to break duck with my first Sika.
No monster stag but still meat for the freezer.
More details to follow but thanks to Terry for arranging last year's outing and introducing me to Andy and Paul.
Gentlemen of the first order.
Thanks all for making it possible this time and getting success.