Conservation and Hunting in North America


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The International Journal of Environmental Studies has just published a special issue on Conservation and Hunting in North America.

Until the end of July, Routledge is making it available online for free:

From today's CIC Newsletter:
The International Journal of Environmental Studies has just published a monograph with nine peer reviewed articles in on the relationship between conservation and hunting in North America and the resulting North American Model of Conservation. Seventeen highly respected conservation experts contributed to this unique publication. The monograph's focal theme is "hunting produces game" or "the conservation productivity of hunting." The papers demonstrate that the model has been "highly successful in rescuing and recovering wildlife species" and hunting "lies at the very heart of conservation in Canada and the USA," hence the modern relevance.

CIC member Shane Mahoney was invited by the journal to serve as coordinator and guest editor for this work and is currently leading in the preparation of a second volume which is to be released in 2014. In addition Shane authored the Preface and co-authored the ninth paper together with CIC member John Jackson. According to Shane “wildlife conservation remains one of the greatest challenges of modern times and developing practical mechanisms to achieve it is a task of great urgency for nations worldwide”. Certainly, the new Monograph provides one of the most extensive treatments of this complex issue and points to the continuing importance of hunting as a conservation mechanism.

​Those who read Sports Afield will recognise Shane Mahoney as the writer of the DSC sponsored Conservation Corner column, in which he writes essays on important developments in the conservation and hunting world.