Contemplating reloading


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I am trying to decide whether to start reloading for my two calibres, obviously I am a complete novice so can I ask someone to list the basic equipment I will need to reload assuming my complete ignorance - for instance I read that I need 'dies' my question is which ones and how many etc. I anticipate someone will recommend one of the kits but what do they contain and what extras do I absolutely need.

At the moment I am open to suggestions on makes etc.

Tonyc :rolleyes:


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What two calibers and what rifles? IF you aren't sure as to whether or not you truly wish to invest in a large reloading kit, you could start with a Classic Lee Loader. It is a ridiculously simple affair that fits in a shoe box along with everything else you'd need to reload for a pair of calibers. They run $29 US here. As simple as they are, the premise is the same as equipment used by benchrest shooters. I have several friends that use them, and I use them myself for certain cartridges. A Reverend friend of mine loads his .222 with one and shoots under half and inch at 100 yards. He won't give it up. Here is a link to Lee's site. ~Muir


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Hi Tony,

It's not for everyone, before you splash out why don't you give us an idea of your location and i'm sure someone will give you a free lesson so you can see whats involved.
If your near shropshire i'll run you through whats involved



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Thanks for the offer but I am out on the N Yorks coast - a little lonely and distant from all my pals who reload - they keep telling me its easy!!


My calibres are .243 and 25-06 win, I am looking more for accuracy than savings.



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Well then, you must get it in your head to load intelligently and well. Cash outlay will not produce good ammunition. Care to detail does. This kit I linked to will load as well or better than my RCBS equipment, and just about as fast. It's the ideal tool for those who don't want a room full of equipment to make hunting ammunition. In fact, I use mine to load at the range during load development.

I wish you luck. You are about to be bombarded by well-wishers who want to help you spend your last...penny! ;) ~Muir