Corsica hunting - any advice guys?


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Hi all,
hope your all having a great weekend. Was hoping I could ask the group for some advice. I'm struggling to find anything solid on the net.

im off on my holidays to Corsica in September and I think there's a bit of boar hunting that goes on at the island. do you guys have any information about the seasons, legal position or any good guides/outfitters on the island that could arrange a stalk or two?
theres bits and pieces on the web but a personal recommendation is always best I find.

Thanks a lot in advance guys, hope I can return the favour one day.


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try contacting the local tourism office, i think it would be a cool place for boar... will be interesting to know how it works out for you
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I looked in to going to Corsica about 12 years ago I can not remember who was the agent was now. I found a add in sporting gun offering trips back then .
Shotguns had to be used loaded with Sg shot as i recall as rifles and solid slug were too dangerous due to the risk of ricocheting of the rocky ground of Corsica.
The hunting did look good and as I remember .
They started hunting when the weather stated to cool down a little as it was to hot for the dogs to work in summer.
The idea was that I went hunting and my wife could lounge by the hotel pool .


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Hi Thomps,
Their season will start either 8th or 11th September, trying to hunt in Corsica is really like trying to find Unicorn poop, it's very difficult, you can use rifles and 12 gauge slugs, if you look for Diane Evaison, on the Internet, she is a French outfitter, and will be able to help you, she is reliable and very good and speaks English, be prepared to pay, Corsica is not cheap to outsiders!.


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Hey there guys,
thanks a lot for taking the time to respond, your advice is much appreciated. I'll have a quick search for your contact sanglier, nice one bud!
take it easy fellas.