Cost of changing reticle in a swaro scope??


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Has anyone ever had the reticle replaced/swapped in a Swarovski 6x42? Scopes currently up for sale but if I can swap the 4a for the TDS reticle for a sensible price I'll keep this and sell my Zeiss as the glass is better.




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I have an 8x56 nova, I had a 4 swapped for a 4 a, no problem, this was about 5 years ago as part of a full refurb', cast about 250 quid all in.
I asked about changing on the neat little Z3 and they said that reticules for the US market couldn't be put in 'scopes made or sold in the European market. So as to your 6x42 I don't know. As others say and email is best. But will it be cost effective...I doubt..


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Looks like I've sold the 6x42 now but still thinking of swapping my Duralyt for a swaro Fixed mag, I'd like the TDS reticle as its similar to Meoptas 4B reticle which I think is pretty much perfect for .22lr. So unless it's an obscene amount I'd like to change it.