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Im making a new load up for my 25-06. Im almost at the end of the tub of powder tu7000 which I thought didnt last very long, so I decide to work out how many load I get from the lb. Well here goes!

48.5 grn = 3.18grms
500grms divided by 3.18 = 157 loads
£25 per tub divided by 157 = 16p :D

I went on and added head 22p + 16p = 38p
add a primer 3p + 38p = 41p!!! :D

I didnt add brass but if I was it would cost 36p for the 1st bang then it would work out back to 41p!! I suppose you could say 6 reloads from a cartridge that would be 6p per bang so each load would cost 47p result!

Preliminary tests today are showing that the rifle is going to shoot 1/2" groups at about 2840fps. I had a few hicups but Ive ironed them out and have another 6 sets of 3 to try.

What does your powder or load work out at?


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There now you have smoothed your conscience by proving how cheaply you can shoot now, all good info for the missus. Just don't tell her you now shoot twice as much or factor in the price of the kit :D :D

That's a good post Nutty, I have a Lee Shooter programme that I was given and it works out the cost per round. It's American but just substitute £'s for $'s and it makes no difference at all. It's like me though it only speaks English and can make nothing of the Metric tongue :D



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Cost of re-loading.

There are easier ways of working out the cost than in grammes as most loads are stated in grains.
1 pound is 7000 grains.
1 kilo is 2.205 pounds or 15435 grains.

For my .243 I use 40.5 grains of Vit.140 and from a 1 kilo tub I can expect 381 charges.

[By the way, you would get 144 charges from your 1lb tub not 157.]



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Hi Nutty, I think loads for my 6.5x55 work out cheaper than yours.

I used £26 for a tub of IMR 4064 as I couldn't remember how much it cost. That is 453 grams. Powder wt.=2.75g gives 165 loads. and works out at 16p as does yours.
I recently bought 100 x 120grain Sierras for £18, so 18p each and a year ago 1000 CCI primers were £19. Call that 2p.
Therfore cost excluding cases 36p.
Perhaps I shouldn't mention that I also picked up 100 x 120 grain Speers for £11, bit of a bargain what.

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price per bang

I can load my 270 for 35 pence a bang and my 22-250 27 pence a bang thats not going to burst her indoors purse now is it. :lol: :lol:
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