Cotswold Hills



I am looking at some woodland in Gloucestershire and wonder if any site members stalk in the county. I am particularly interested in what species could be present.

Any info would be appreciated.



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One thing I found useful was a guide on how to estimate deer numbers/types from deer paths, droppings etc.

For the life of me I can't recall where on line I found it, nor can I find a copy on this PC.

Try a search for 'estimating deer population' or 'deer population census'.

They are good at staying hidden, I was surprised at how many there were, but I didnt start to see them until I learned how move around properly.


Its near Winchcombe I believe. Not a huge wood maybe 50 acres but was just wondering what to expect. I had a look on Google earth and certainly looks rural but not heavily wooded.

Thanks for your input chaps.



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Hi guys

A friend of mine is head green keeper on a golf course between Cheltenham and Winchcombe, and every now and then i go and help him with there bunny problem.

While there i have seen roe and fallow on the course if this helps !

I will ask some of the ground staff if they know any better as they all live local

Hi Grant
I have a couple of farms not far east of Winchcombe Roe and Munties only and another to the north with Roe and fallow. Quite low density compared to my other ground nearer Gloucester.
Nice bit of country :D but lots of walkers :???: