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Hi Folks, ironically I have plenty of shooting 5000+ miles away, but always wonder how come I don't do much close to home! I'm a BASC member so fully insured and I've a fair bit of experience too - references available should you need them. BTW - this is for pleasure rather than my business but I'll be happy to tell you all about my experiences in Africa too - if you're interested - without trying to 'sell it' if that makes sense?

I'm near Stroud in Glos but will be happy to travel - looking for some stalking for the table, not really trophy-focuesed but I certainly like to eat it! Rabbiting, pigeon-shooting and so on, all very much appreciated too!

In addition, I have severl guys in Namibia who would like to come over and do a bit of deer stalking too, so if you've got some spare and fancy picking the brains of some PH's at the same time, I'd be glad to hear from you!

Many thanks!
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