coudn't believe it!!!


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I read a lot of posts on here about peoples sucsess! so here's one regarding a momment i'm not very proud of!!!:lol:
went out for a wander the other night with my new shooter.... a 243 i had off here actually! next door had lost a few chickens to this fox who's been even bold enough for daytime visits! so the other night I had no work on so went out looking for him.... i spotted him after half an hour! wind in my face.. nice! however he was in line with someone's house an he wasn't moving! so i left him be for another nite...
anyway headed home over another farm & had a squeak on the way, 3 fields away a pair of eyes... he came in like a fully trained lab! & I was waiting with one up the spout ready...he crossed the last hedge about 80yds away... i mounted the rifle.. watched him trot towards me through the scope... BANG!! he then ran off!!!!:banghead: HOW DID I MISS THAT??????????
Anyway incase your wondering I dropped the chicken thief last night! 120yds off the knee:D


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We all have those off situations!............ some worse than others!, I recall a night shoot on fox where we could not recover the carcase, shot over grass mown that evening, I phoned my buddy a week later, telling him that his"Lost Fox" was in a particular bale!........ It's quite possible you have nailed a number two!:cool:


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out lamping one night two foxes in one field drop the first one where he stood swung the lamp around for the second drop him goes to collect the foxes could only find the second fox.