Cougar sighting in Tennessee


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A few weeks ago I was trout fishing in North Carolina on the Tennessee border and hear elk bugling, so I slipped through the woods and got some nice photos of several bulls, as close as 20 yards, before they spotted me.

In past years, I have had the good luck to spot a black panther crossing a road between two corn fields just south of Savannah River Site, a nuclear weapons research facility of 340 square miles. Two years ago, while on the site at dusk, I saw a large cougar cross a parking lot.

Now, a camera has captured one in Tennessee.


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Sorry, I couldn't resist it :lol:

I was hunting in Georgia a few years ago and was lucky enough to spot a bobcat. It crossed a trail to my extreme left while I was in a seat, so there was no chance of a shot, or even a photograph. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have taken a shot anyway. I DID, however, shoot 3 raccoons with two shots from a hundred or so yards in the swamp. Apparently, I'm now something of a legend in Nashville, Georgia :lol:


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It is always a thrill for me to see a bobcat. I encounter them while hunting and have hunted them and called them up when they got to be a problem.

I have encountered wolves several times, and that is always something to make you stop and stare.

As to your raccoons, you would not be a legend in Georgia until you barbequed and ate all three coons at one sitting.


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cougar-sumter-sc-2016oct.jpg New game camera photo of a huge puma dragging off a large whitetail buck, about 40 miles from my home.
I will have to clear off some space and post it.
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