Counties where ticks are present?!

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Hi chaps just wondering if there is a definitive list of counties or places where ticks are definitely present and a problem for stalkers in the UK?

I am soon to start stalking in Cambs and wondered if I need to get a tick tool just in case,




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Every county has ticks, just some areas worse than others.

North Yorkshire Moors rife, rare to see them in the Dales.

White Hart

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As Apache says there everywhere, on the New Forest and surrounding areas there a real problem. Obviously the risk is Lyme's disease, i guess a website like may have a map of reported incidents through GP's and hospitals? If not its always worth a read for knowing the symptoms etc.

Offroad Gary

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Pulled one off my 7yr old boy in the garden last weekend, in his armpit, got while playing around paddling pool

Offroad Gary

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Argh, is he ok - mentally as well as physically? They scare the sh*t out of me, so heaven knows how my 3 of under 8 would cope!!!

Physically, yes, it was the size of a pinhead and i washed the knife in the paddling pool first.
mentally, who can tell, im sure he'll go through worse - in fact, he already has!


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Bugger I searched on here as I thought someone sold em but couldn't find the thread!! I'm sorted now!! :oops:

Like most of us, I hate ticks with a passion, so brought 5 sets of the O'Tom Tick Twisters, one for my stalking bag, each of my rucksacks and one to leave at home. So pretty much as soon as I find one I have a twister to hand to get the little sod off and squished. The most recent being at the weekend :(

pheasant sniper 1

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New Forest, Wimborne, Holt and Poole absolutely heaving with them.

Took my mate out a couple of days ago and he had around 30 on him..

I don't wash so only had four :D


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This is weird but here in my little corner of East Sussex I have none. Dog walked on NT and common land every day, for the last year no parasites at all.

People keep telling me everywhere is full of ticks, but I share land with sheep and horses and not seen a single one on me, dog or livestock.