Countryfile Last night, big report on FoD boar situation/population/Swine fever


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Did any of our regular boar shooters see Countryfile last night?

If not could they watch on I player and comment on the acuracy of the report?



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Although not a Boar hunter, I was interested in the piece on the risk to the UK pig industry …. the pig producers came across well and emphasised the risk of rapid spread of Swine fever in the Feral population and the importance of keeping the wild/feral population under control. I'm afraid I had to turn over when they wheeled out the "let's save the the willd piggies person" who started spouting off about how cuddly and wonderful they are and all part of the beautiful countryside! Obviously didn't rely on rearing animals for a living and didn't quite understand the risks to our farming industry as a whole. The thought of a repeat of a Foot and Mouth outbreak or an as yet unseen Swine Flu epidemic doesn't bear thinking about.


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Not a regular boar shooter, but two years ago (March 2017) Erik Hamburger and I attended a meeting that David Slater the photographer and "Friend of the Boar" called to get together with stalkers. Erik may have a better memory of the meeting and the information exchanged.

I am surprised at the comments on SD regarding David Slater's input on country file. He was not anti boar management/control or culling. His beef was that the FC policy is going against the science of wild animal management...that they are culling too many in the wrong area in order to justify their new larder facility, which has caused the boar to multiply and spread.

He was exploring the possibility of an accurate survey of actual numbers of animals. And the reason he contacted Erik and the North Cotswold Deer Management Group was the idea of setting up a ring of stalkers/boar shooters in the farms surrounding a designated boar forest area so that the less disturbed boar in that area would self regulate numbers based on food available.

I don't know about the science he was quoting, that hard hunting stimulates reproduction and population growth, but David Slater did not appear to me to be a "let's save the wild piggies person [because they are] cuddly and wonderful".

Economically he seemed to think that there was a better deal for locals from the tourist trade coming to see the boar and revenue for the farmers and land owners surrounding the forest from the likes of boar shooters.



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Good response there Alan and welcome information on another facet of the FoD boar situation. There does seem to be a lack of joined up management planning in the area, and given the diversity of views on what to do with boar and their potential for rapid population growth, it needs to get sorted sooner rather than later. (Or too late!).