Couple of Crackers from the Rut!

Lovely abnormal buck taken at 9am rutting.

Big gold medal taken at last light chasing another younger medal buck. I expect this to be around 550g to 600g and to score high in CIC.



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What a monster and appears very balanced and even. How high is high, 150 plus?



Its always hard to tell before it’s boiled as weight / volume are very critical.

However it should have good scores across the board, therefore I think 150 is going to be a pretty good guess. A client had one from April that was 149.3 and this is a very similar head although colouring is better and the head is likely to weigh more at this time of year, however that could cause the volume score to be a little lower. As the head in April would have been more porous.

I will have it provisionally done over the next month or so, After a couple of weeks of drying it won’t lose much more weight so you get a pretty good idea.



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Well done, quite rare to get a nice even symetrical head, with as much mass, absolute cracker, hope he scores high.



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Nice Bucks mate i just wish i was fit enough to get out and shoot one or two but wish the rest of you well i am told the rut is on here in full gusto

Double four

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That second one is top shelf fella well done, I know you said you had some quality bucks but that ones a corker ! keep imaging it on my wall im well jel :thumb:


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That second beast is absolutely stunning !
In my opinion that is probably the most perfect BIG head Ive ever seen.
Well done !