Credit where it's due....Monarch Country Products


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I ordered a few bits and bobs from Monarch Country Products just prior to Christmas, and as I couldn't spot one item I was after on their website, I rang Rob to see if they had it, just hadn't displayed it as they had other lines from this particular manufacturer for sale.

In short, they didn't, but subsequent to our chat, due to one of my original items being on backorder, Rob advised that he'd also ordered some of the other thing in (welly zip lube if anyone is bothered!) so that he could send it out with the backorder item.

Thanks to a few 'technical' issues - ie Rob getting my email address wrong ;) - we had a few delays on me being able to make payment for the lube which was an addition to my original, and already paid for, order. We finally resolved that, but in the meantime, Rob had already despatched my outstanding items anyway.

We read plenty of threads relating to crap customer service, so this is a balance.....I can't fault the service from Monarch, and just wanted to give them a public thumbs-up. Full updates along the way, and a genuine willingness to help. I've used them before, and certainly will again; Rob, have a recommendation on me.