Cricket: Australia V England


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Well I just watched Australia beat England in a very close match, gotta love when we beat the poms!:stir::popcorn:


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I have been watching the big bash and my conclusion is that this shorter more explosive form of the game has brought more athletic men into the game and has lead Australia having a huge pool of talent to call from. Not sure it would tell in a test match but feel you guys will put us to the sword more often than not in the shorter form.
Yes, we are seeing a huge increase in interest in cricket down here. This will no doubt increase the participation of young players & the talent talent pool further, not to mention the influx of new money. The interesting thing is that instead of stealing the limelight from test cricket & one day matches, 20 20 cricket has increased the interest in them. Cricket is our only true national sport as our winter ball codes (rugby league, Aust rules, rugby & soccer) compete against each other for the best players, & sponsors dollars. The players from all these ball codes usually come together over summer with cricket, unless they live right on the coast & are involved with ocean sports (Is there another country which makes life saving a competitive sport?). Golf, tennis & motor sports are minor interests relative to cricket. Being the captain of the Aust cricket team is considered the top job in the land with good reason. Having said all this, we aren't that far ahead of England & we were lucky to come away with that win. The world series starting in a fortnight will be interesting & Aust will have to play its best just to make the finals, I'd not want to be forced to pick who will win that trophy. England are certainly a chance.



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The big bash is a hit with the NOW generation and no doubt bringing in the filthy lucre, personally, I can't watch it as it is steadily looking like the American marketers have introduced the hoopla.
Fireballs exploding, dolly birds jiggling about, next thing you know a celebrity guest ( insert name here ) will have a wardrobe malfunction, on national TV, oh the horror.
The Ashes is what Cricket is about, I don't care how many times Australia WINS or LOOSES against S.A / N.Z / IND / PAK / W.I but give me 5 hard fought Ashes Tests and I am a happy fan.