Crown cleaning?


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How do you clean the crown of your barrel? I use specific rifle barrel cleaner but the residue is properly stuck on so need something a bit abrasive to work at it I think. Do folks use Brillo pads or even copper brushes to remove it?

Appreciate tips


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If it twer me and its only surface carbon soak it a little then get a small square of wet and dry ,i use 2oooa to sharpen or polish up my moras and use your thumb,or even just the black crud off your sharpening block like a polish get it something like and then keep the bugger! clean.;)


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I soak a mop from my action cleaning tool in barrel cleaning fluid, rub it ove4 the crown let it soak for a short while then wipe it off with a clean mop. Any stubborn crud left on I remove with my nail or that stuff like Brillo pads that engineers use for cleaning metal.


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A spray of carb cleaner and green plastic scotch bright /wives pot sponge pot cleaners they clean but wont remove and steel or mis- shape your crown.
The green Scotchbrite is quite abrasive and definitely removes metal, the abrasives are Silicon Carbide or Aluminium Oxide depending on the grade of pad...whether enough to worry about I am not so sure....I use it on pneumatic drum sanders to condition Stainless Steel and you have to be careful on the edges that it doesn't dig in and lose the profile....on the muzzle crown I would go for chemical solvent and just a cloth patch if there is a carbon build up...mine seems to do okay with cloth patch wipe and a bit of CLP every time I take the moderator off....if you must use Scotchbrite use the white (fine) or grey (ultra fine), even the red/maroon one is quite aggressive I use it to remove the shipping/ handling marks on stainless bar by spinning them up in the lathe and working the red pad along.


paul o'

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if you use 7440 med yup it will so will the 7447 fine, I would only use the 7448 s this one is used to prep top coats for paint finishing and would be the only one i'd for gunparts , the plastic ones I use dont unless they have changed them as there household use and not surface prep i would't use any of the above on he best stainless cooking pots


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Forest Bore Foam up the barrel and leave the overspill on the crown for 15 minutes then wipe off with a patch. repeat and the crud is gone.


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I find that butches bore shine works better than the KG carbon remover. I won’t use any abrasive cleaner in that area and prefer to use a patch, solvent and patience


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I use wipeout on my barrels also use this to clean the crowns,wipe it on with a patch and take it off last of all when finished the rest of the cleaning process,really works well.


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Gentlemen, what are you doing to your crowns?
I just wipe them during regular cleaning and they are clean as a baby‘s butt.