Cruise ship in Greenock.

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It did however show the absurd logic of the Scottish government.
There were Scots passengers who had driven down to Liverpool in order to join the ship. All the passengers were from the U.K., all had been tested twice before boarding. Yet none were allowed to disembark the ship.
The same passengers could have travelled to Scotland by car, train, bus or even walked into Scotland, yet they weren't allowed to travel by ship. I'm not certain but I think the passengers would have been only allowed ashore on organised excursions and not allowed to mix with the general public.


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Surely you are not suggesting that incompetence or lunacy reigns in the hallowed halls of Hollyrood? You will be saying next that the Natsi party’s finances are perfectly in order, for heavens sake man! Nurse! Bedpan, quick…….


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A typical dramatic despot move.

Lots of publicity based around supposed public safety, but in reality it achieved very little except proof that there is an absolute dictator in all of us................


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Got to give her some credit, we could do with her standing on the white (non-racist) cliffs of Dover, telling everyone who comes near in a rubber dinghy to F*** off back to France.


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Just like here; Over empowered bureaucrats with no brains. One requires a Negative Covid test within 3 days of departure to fly to the US. However, if you swim across the Rio Grande, Homeland Security gives you a bus ticket to any state in the US even if you test positive. :cuckoo:
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