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For Sale: Cufflinks for Christmas

Peter Eaton

Well-Known Member
As some of you will know I make cufflinks for several high end stores.

I was asked a while back if I would sell on here so I have made a batch in order members can by at below what they retail for in the stores. The cufflinks are a quality product precisely cut case, cleaned of all sharp edges and tooling marks. They are then polished and lacquered three times for protection.

Cufflinks come with a high quality presentation box.

Priced lower than the retail price for SD members

Apologies for my poor photographic skills , they look better than in the photographs!

At present I have - 9 x .308 Lapua Palma -£18 Posted

12 x Colt .45 - £16 Posted

25 x 45-70 - £18 posted

1 x 45- 90 £18 posted

1 x 65 x 45 £18 posted

1 x .303 Lapel pin / tie pin - £8 posted

If you would like to purchase please pay to bingo1010@onetel.com via Paypal as a gift and ensure the correct address is on your Papal account then send me a PM to let me know you have paid.

All work guaranteed , should a cufflink break, send them back and I will replace.

Thanks for looking


NOTE - I have just reduced prices as tis the season of good will ))
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Well-Known Member
I have a set of these made from the bullet I shot my first deer with that I had kept for some reason (and a random other one) and they are going strong. Really nice bit of kit in your favourite calibre. Chickenman I think you made the, for me a couple of years ago.

anyway highly recommended.

Peter Eaton

Well-Known Member
Hi Essex

Not sure if I made you them or not as the only ones I did off here were for brass swaps if I recall. If I did make them for you the design is much better than the original as I invested a large sum of money in a precision saw and polishing equipment.

Even so thanks for the kind words .

Best wishes