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Bit of a strange question here, sorry If I haven't explained it clearly.

If you have to destroy a very weak and injured young red stag,
ie rifle barrel to the head.. is there a certian calibre rifle you have to use??

Could you use a .22/250?

Or is it that you can use nothing less than a .243 or a .270???



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Has there not been a recent change in legislation? I cannot recall the exact wording but I think any reasonable means is in there somewhere, which means your non deer calibres would be OK. Just make sure that the bullet is not going to ricochet off anywhere, soft ground under the beast required here.
I'm sure someone will be along with the correct wording before long, have you tried any of the recognised, BASC BDS, organisation websites? They would be right on the money I am sure.



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You are right, you can dispatch by any means fit SO LONG AS IT CAUSES NO FURTHER DISTRESS TO THE ANIMAL, AND BY ANY REASONABLE MEANS. You could if not careful be prosecuted for animal cruilty if you cause any further distress, ie. using a knife badly.

This is very open to interpratation as I see it, but a "Common Sense" attitude should prevail.

Not uncommon for a Deer Manager to carry a pistol for dispatch as some might nopt be happy with the knife as a dispatch tool.

Do a "Google" search on Deer Dispatch, you should find all you need to know.


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i would go for a heavy barrel and swing with plenty of vigour :evil:
on a more serious point in which country are we talking in as england has different laws to scotland
, would that make a difference?


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What about destroying a Chinese Water Deer buck??

What calibre would you need?? the range is less than 50 yards?

Many thanks

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