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Sold: Custom built 6.5x47 Lapua

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Hi all, for sale is my full custom built 6.5x47.The build is as follows; Bat VR action (very expensive and one of the best actions available ), Border cut rifled heavy stainless fluted barrel at 26" long, Jewell trigger, mym stainless steel calibre specific mod, Black Accuracy international stock/bipod and monopod. Round count is no more than 500 rounds and it has been pampered! This 5 shot group at 100 yards that i shot last week at a BDS range day show it's accuracy.1469904834630.jpg can provide pictures on request

Sorry guys, it was built by Border barrels and the price is £2500 no offers as it would cost over 4k to build this and you would probably have a 12 month wait for the action.
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