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For Sale: custom commission hand built stalking knives by ZL Knives


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We commissioned 4 of these last year they have been used and tested for 8 months and all was ok so we commissioned another 4 this year which should be ready in around three weeks
Spec fullsizeoutput_449.jpg
Handle overall length is 118 mm made from stag antlerfullsizeoutput_44a.jpgIMG_3392.jpg
Width 21mm
Blade length 101mm tang 4mm, drop point blade made from N690 stainless
Comes with hand made leather sheath with belt loop
There is an option if you order now to have your initials on the blade to personalise it for you
This knife is a great allrounder will be fine for all uk deer species nice chunky handle which gives you plenty of grip with stag bone handle
Steel is N690 stainless which is very popular with knife builders as it holds an edge very well
Check initials on blade in pic this is what they will look like
Price is £180 plus £5 delivery
Pm me if your interested only 2 available only
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I had one of the original four knives and its a cracking knife, sits well in the hand, holds an amazing edge, craftsman ship is second to none, punching well above its asking price, the leather work is also very good compared to some of the more expensive better known knife builders. I've used this knife for 8 months now on roe red and sika and it has done everything asked of it and then some.

Peter Eaton

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Excellent knife steel, used by Duncan Chandler in the past and very popular in South Africa.

I know a maker form South Afirca who used N690 in in a cutting contest with the blade tested to destruction as had to be bent from vertical in a vice to the horizontal without breaking. Did it no sweat and then shaved arm hair with the blade.
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