Hello, This is all new to me; I've been involved in Deer and wildlife management for a good number of years, now making it my business. I now think it's time I share some of my outings with like minded people. I have just started a management program on some CWD on some new ground of 6500 acres. Had a great morning in the rain this week, shot 3 with the 6.5. Amazing how hardy these animals are, the first and second ran for 50 yrds but the other dropped like a stone which had been shot a bit higher. We still have around another 40 to cull over the season.
Your lucky to be able to work and make a living doing what you enjoyNever stalked CWD, on the list though
Hi Tarquinius, I can honestly say I enjoy my work, but its not all fun especially the early wet mornings and late nights. The CWD are great to stalk and if you like to get on your belly and crawl for a few yards to get out to them it's definately good fun. I did exactly that on Saturday just after the rain on a 100 acre field.
Overall it's a great job and I am really lucky to be able to do it, but mostly I love to share my knowledge with like minded people and clients.
You definately have to give it a go!